Spring Into Your New Signature Scent

Spring is here and we are feeling inspired by a fresh new beginning. The cold is gone (or we are pretending it is) and flowers are blooming! Our first step to a happy spring - switching up our signature scent.

Introducing our scent of the season: Meadow 

Why We Love This Spring Scent

Like a fresh breath of air in a field of flowers, Meadow is infused with soft notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, creating the perfect light and flirty scent. This dreamy combination embodies everything we love about flowers without being overly fragrant.

Here is a closer look at our hero ingredients of Meadow.

Baie Rose, also known as pink peppercorn, is sourced from Madagascar and has a slightly sweet and spicy aroma, accompanied by a distinct fruity and floral character. Perfectly spicy and zesty.

Patchouli captures a unique combination of wood, spice, and earthiness to add depth and complexity. It makes us feel like we are in a lush forest in spring.

There’s nothing more romantic than roses - and in our opinion, nothing that smells sweeter. Rose notes convey a feminine, fresh, and oh so delicate mood.

Tuberose, also called ‘Night Queen’, is a sweet-smelling, white flower that only blooms at night. This plant is known for its aphrodisiac and relaxing properties - perfect for a romantic spring.

Spring into a new Signature scent this spring with Meadow. We promise you won’t regret it.


Skylar Team

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